Music is always been part of the human genre, from ancient times until today. Every kind of country has his own type of music and the jewish world is not different, as music composed by israeli and jewish is rich of sonorities and melodies. Lots of people fell in love with it after having heard it.

All jewish and israeli people who would like to know more about music composed by countrymen can visit, website completely dedicated to jewish music. This website has the mission to spread the jewish music knowledge both among Israel and all around the world, helping jewish and israeli people to stay tuned with developing of this kind of music, for the benefit both of present and future generations.

For all the people, both jewish and non-jewish who would like to have real jewish music in their own home, is possible to visit, website where is possible to buy CDs of the most famous jewish authors and songs, also in english language.

Another important website not to miss is where is also possible to hear music and to download music sheets in PDF. Among the products proposed by this website is also possible to see musical ebooks, CDs and DVDs to buy, other than complete sets (with multiple items) to buy. This is “the” website for all of those who like jewish music and would like to have it in his/her own home.

Jewish music is, as said before, rich of nice sonorities and melodies, the right kind of music for all the lovers of classical (but not only) music.

Music from all over the world

Music is all over the world. There is no country and no people who do not play music, whatever the reason could be. By looking on the internet is possible to find lots of websites about music, singers, bands and so on.

One of the most particular music in the world in without a doubt the jewish one.

Since the Diaspora there have been no nation of the Jewish people, but a multitude of community, dispersed in at least four continents, sometimes very distant from each other and often surrounded by a hostile environment. As a result, there is not a unique style for the music of that people.

If you would like to hear this kind of music you can visit , website which offer jewish music in streaming which can be heard via a browser (such as Internet Explorer). Do you like it? Then you can visit , where you can buy CDs of the best hebrew artists in the music industry, such as Kunstler, Dani and Paul Zim.

Apart from the jewish music websites, the internet offer websites and web portals about music of all genres. One of the best is Rockol, always updated with the latest news in the industry. All the genres are taken into consideration and lots of events, like the Midemlab competition, are discussed in a professional way. Very nice and well done is the area which cover album reviews and, for all of those who would like to sing together with their favourite artists, the lyrics area is the right one.