Jewish blogospehere is quote huge: there are lots of websites and lots of bloggers today. When one think about “blogger” usually a man figure comes in mind. This is not always true, as there lots of lady bloggers who write interesting contents about interesting topics. Here is a list of the most interesting blogs written by ladies. , blog written by Chana Jenny Weisberg, living in Jerusalem, stay-home mother of 6 children. Thanks to her past works, when she intends to provide inspiration for all Jewish moms through books and articles, today her blogs is one of those more read of the whole J-Blogopshere. She talks about family, children and love, in a witty way.

Kosher on a budget, blog written since 2010 by Mara, who lives in Kansas City. On the blog everyone can find inspiration on how to save money about almost everything you can think about, from shoes to gifts, from online shopping to recipes and food.

Life in Israel, very interest J-blogosphere blog which is all about real facts in everyday Israel life.

Israeli Kitchen, blog about typical meals eaten in this land. This blog is about everything can be eaten or drunk, from breakfast to dinner, including soups, home bakery, vegetables and much more.

A soldier’s mother, maybe one of the most particular blogs all around the jewish blogosphere. This website is kept by Paula, she talks about her two sons who are both soldiers: Elie and Shmulik. One of the most touching blog out over there.