2004 is an important year for jewish and israeli bloggers. From this year onwards they can compete one against each other to win the Jewish and Israeli Blog awards, also known with its acronym: JIB.

The main goals to be reached with this this award are two. The first one is to give a way to blogs written by israeli and jewish people, as well as to blogs about Israel written by non-jewish and non-israeli people, to gain popularity and to improve blog readership. The second one i sto allow users and readers from all around the world to know better real life of Jewish, Israeli and Israel.

The main questioni s: what are Jewish, Israeli and pro-Israel blogs? As said before, those are blogs written by Jewish and Israeli bloggers, while pro-Israel blogs can be written also by non israeli bloggers. Please be aware that only bloggers who write pro-Israel contents are eligible to partecipate to this competition, those who write anti-Israel contents aren’t.

Blogs are divided into categories, here are the mains:

  • Best English Language Blog
  • Best Non-English Language Blog
  • Best Photo Blog
  • Best Humor Blog
  • Best Israel Advocacy Blog
  • Best Journalism Blog
  • Best Jewish Religion or Culture Blog

One of the main ideas behind this award is to promote inclusiveness, not fracticiousness, this is why blogs are not divided into politic categories.

All of those who run a blog which can be eligible to partecipate can make request and try to win the final award in its own category.