Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards: 2005

2005 edition of Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards is the second category of this award, which gave interesting results in different categories.

First of all is needed to say that for this year votes has been taken in two stages. The first one, which can be seen as a preliminary stage, ended midnight January 19th EST and interested 12 categories. Only the first six ranked blogs of each category go through the final round, which votes started on January 24th of tht year.

Here are winning blogs for main categories of this award.

Best designed blog: Cross Currents, Jewschool and Jewilicious

Best “Life in Israel” blog: Treppenwitz, The Cahan’s in Israel and Orthodox Anarchist.

Best Jewish Religion Blog: Hirhurim, Cross Currents and Lazer Beams.

Best Post: Treppenwitz (who also win Best “Life in Israel” blog category), Jewlicious and Dov Bear

Best Overall Blog: The Dry Bones Blog, Cross Currents, Hirhurim

Best Politics and Current Affairs Blog: The Dry Bones Blog, Fundamentally Freund, Dov Bear

Best Personal Blog: Seraphic Secret, Frume Sarah’s World, Orthodox Anarchist

Best Overall ‘Mega’ Blog: Little Green Footballs, Protein Wisdom, Cox & Forkum

Best Group Blog: Cross Currents, Jewlicious, Jewschool

Best of Rest: Jdater, Slightly Mad, Life with Estee

Particular attention is given to votes and their regularity. Award administrator have checked regularly polls to be sure there no cheat as suspicious votes have been deleted.

An amazing second year for this amazing competition, thanks to all of those who always believed in JIB and supported it.