As usual Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards put one against the others the main Jewish and Israeli blogs in a competition where the most voted blog will be the winner. JIB 2005 edition follow the first one, held in 2004. This year competition see participation of more blogs than last year. Votes took place in two stages.

For the whole competition there are 17 different categories to choose from, posted on .

First round, known as “preliminary” one, ends midnight 19th January 2005 and allow users to vote for blogs within only 12 on 17 categories.

Second round of voting starts on 24th January 2005 and the blogs who can partecipate to that step are the winners from previous step. At the end, the top three placers in each of the whole 17 categories are elected the main israeli and jewish blogs for this year.

For this amazing second year The Jerusalem Post has joined in hosting the award. The goal to be achieved is to reach as more users as possible, in order to bring the more possible attention to this award.

Here is the timeline:

  • Jan 9th – 19th: Preliminary voting round on
  • Jan 24th – Feb 2nd: Final voting round on
  • Feb 9th: Winners announced

Users can vote once every three days. Be aware that software registers IP address by voters and judges check regularly to look for any irregular votes, which will be deleted.

All the participating websites have been freely nominated and voted by worldwide users.