Jib 2006

Jewish and Israeli Blog Award, which acronym is JIB, is an award launched for the first time in 2004. Since then this award get a greater success year after year. Unfortunately problems always happens and for this year the JIB Awards founder decided to stop the competition. Due to that it has been decided that the new award format would have to be greater than previous years.

New name of this competition is People’s Choice Jewish and Israeli Blog Award. It divides into several categories jewish blogs, giving users the opportunity to vote for them in order to bring them higher in the chart and to win the final prize.

For 2006 main category was “Best overall blog”, which seen winning from Samson Blinded, who scored 3,563 votes for a total of 16,046 points. Second place for Emes Ve-Emunah, who got 795 votes for a total of 3,423 points. Third place for Rabbinic Rambling, which scored 113 votes for a total of 485 votes.

Here are other interesting categories for this year with winners: best Pro-Israel Advocacy Blog, 1st place for Yid With Lid, 2nd place for Samson Blinded and 3rd place for The Mugata.

Among Best Jewish Religion Blog we can see 1st place for Daf Notes, 2nd place for Rabbi without a cause and 3rd place for Mishmar.

Another interesting category is Best New Blog. 1st place for Bagel Blogger, 2nd place for Resident Traveler and 3rd place for The Fly Fishing Rabbi.

In the category Best Jewish Culture Blog we can see 1st place for Heichal HaNegina, 2nd place for Yutopia and 3rd place for Blog in Dm.