2007 is the fourth year of Jewish and Israeli Blog award competition. Lots of websites this year too, divided into several categories, such as “Best overall blog”, “Best in class blog” and “Best small blog”. Every type of blog is eligible to partecipate and to compete for the final victory, the only criteria required are:

  • Being a blog written by an israeli or a jewish blogger
  • Being a pro-Israel blog written by non-israeli and non-jewish blogger. Anti-Israel blog are not eligible.

For this fourth amazing year the organization needs to thank, for all their support and their efforts, HaKodesh Baruch Hu, Chag Mattan Torah Samayach, the whole J-Blogosphere, plus Rafi of Life in Israel, Chaim of Life of Rubin, Ezzie of Serandez, Akiva of Mystical Paths, Rabbi Without a Cause, Irina of The IgNoble Experiment, Sammy of Yid With Lid, Shmuel of GoGolan, Sholom of Anachro-Judaism and Jack of Jack’s Shack.

Sponsors for this edition are Lynn of Coyotech, Shlomo of IsraelReporter and WeJew, Stephen of WebAds.Co.

Why JIB award competition? The main goal of this competition is to give bloggers a fantastic opportunity to let their blog known all around the world. Even if only jewish/israeli bloggers (or Israel related blogs) can partecipate, voters are allowd from all arount the world, that means every person interested, for any positive reason, to Israel and to jewish world, can take advantage from this award.

Blogger who meet eligibility criteria are, as usual, invited to join the competition in order to be the one who will win the award in its own category.